Every end of year I find myself looking at my godaddy hosting costs and my blog. Both are tied together and both neglected. Godaddy costs are a little confusing because of some legacy hosting I do for others. There isn’t a good way to line item out the costs so I generally just eat them. In my day job I’ve been getting deeper into AWS and thought why not push to that platform for my other uses.

Enter Lightsail, WorkMail and EC2.

I moved mail to WorkMail in an evening. The hardest part was discovering I needed to push dns ownership from godaddy to route53. Documents suggested that wasn’t necessary but was the only way to get it to work. Phone setup was easier and more reliable than godaddy mail. Check.

Lightsail was incredibly easy to spin up a wordpress template. Hardest part here was figuring out how to ssh to the damn instance from my iPad and iPhone. No, a computer wasn’t an option. Finally I got keys to load, client to function and boom, off and configuring the blog you are reading now.

EC2, now that I have usable keys, is a breeze and full migration, along with tagging and cost passing are ready to happen I’m 2019. I’m also here with my love hate relationship of blogging so we’ll see how that goes too.

If nothing else, I’ll have a place to find my baking recipes and other random tidbits.

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